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Welcome to Risen

Risen is a pve raiding guild. Our plan is to do both Normal and Heroic raiding. We play to Raid =)  In addition, we also have some avid PvP'ers, who may be leading rated Battlegrounds for the guild.

Risen has been around since the month Carine came online, and we've been chugging along since. In WotLK, Cataclysm and MoP, we cleared all endgame normal content, and a good portion on Heroic.

As a Raiding Guild, we want to recruit Raiders who are a good fit for our team and Guild. As such, all recruits are required to fill out applications on our guild site, and are pre-screened before getting a ginvite. Friends and family are welcome in Risen of course. To be a raider we have requirements that can be found in the Risen Guidelines section. You're not required to raid to be in Risen, but if you do, we expect your best.

Our requirements for membership are simple. Be respectful, kind and generous. We do not take to loot hogs, foul language or drama. We play to raid and have fun.

If you would like further information, or to be invited to the guild, you may fill out an application under the Where To Go To Apply to Join Risen link in the Information box in the upper left corner or contact any Risen.

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